“This is Nepantla” ft. Yale University Divinity School’s Gregory E. Sterling I Saturdays at Seven Ep. 38

In the thirty-eighth episode of the “Saturdays at Seven” conversation series, Todd Ream talks with Gregory E. Sterling, the Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament and the Henry L. Slack Dean at Yale University Divinity School. Sterling begins by talking about the role Yale Divinity School and the scholars who have served on its faculty played in American religious life. Sterling, in particular, talks about the ways the institution’s role has changed over the course of its 200-year history and, as is the case for leaders of many divinity schools and seminaries, his awareness that the Church and the culture are changing once again. The challenge that Sterling notes, however, is the course of the present changes remains uncertain. Ream and Sterling then talk about Sterling’s calling to the ministry and to serve as a New Testament scholar. They discuss Sterling’s most recent book, Shaping the Past to Define the Present, as well as the editorial leadership Sterling offers for a commentary series concerning Philo. Ream and Sterling discuss the inspiration and vision for Yale Divinity School’s Living Village Project and then close by discussing how Sterling discerns when to exercise his role as a public intellectual committed to the well-being of the Church, the university, and the relationship the Church and the university share.